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About Us

Welcome to Amour, our resort wear brand where we encourage a year-round love affair with vacation and resort attire. Our tagline says it all because we’re obsessed with creating an array of breathtaking and enticing dresses imbued with the perfect blend of sassy, fun, chic, and carefree vibes, designed to elevate your vacation experience to new heights of comfort and enjoyment. Our outfits are made to complement your every movement, making you feel like the star of the show whether you’re sipping cocktails at a beach bar or dancing beneath the stars. Every facet of our brand, from the carefully chosen materials to the delicately constructed patterns, reflects our distinctive and avant-garde approach to resort wear, which aims to entirely different scales of beauty and attractiveness. So join us in our never-ending romance with resort wear and make the most of your getaway with our lovely and intriguing outfits. We promise you’ll fall in love with our brand and never want to leave!
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